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In just ONE day you can have your new Upgraded garage floor installed and ready for use.

Garage floor coatings is the perfect way to upgrade and improve the appearance of your garage. The protected surface will increase the functionality and durability of your garage floor to improve the value of your building, along with all of the other benefits that it provides. 

Floor coating services can substantially improve the way that your garage functions. This goes a long way toward ensuring that the flooring stays in good condition and requires repairs far less frequently. Garage floor coatings help to protect your flooring from potentially corrosive materials, such as oil or gasoline. They can also improve the overall traction level of your garage floor, which minimizes the likelihood of slips and falls that can result in substantial injuries. They also make it easier to clean the surface of your garage floor, as these surfaces can accumulate dirt and debris quickly These are just a few ways that garage floors can benefit from the use of garage floor coating services. 

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Advanced Technology

Vital Coat One Day Garage coatings are advanced technology, high performance, hybrid polyaspartic coatings for industrial and residential projects. 

Vital Coat 100% Flake Coverage System is a multi-coat broadcast concrete coating system. It is available in a variety of choices and color flakes to match your floor. We can even create custom colors to further customize your floor. Vital Coat flakes can be used for terrazzo-like seamless flooring and numerous types of commercial and residential flooring applications.

Applying  Vital Coat durable One Day Coating system is the best way to update, a cracked, stained outdated floor. Vital Coats systems are extremely durable and much stronger than epoxy. A Vital Coat floor will add value to any home, deck, warehouse and more and will provide benefits that will last a lifetime. 

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Vital Coat provides high quality polyaspartics and polyureas floor coating products that deliver professional results. Our coatings specialize in provided the cure times need based on real time environmental conditions. Whether it is rapid cure or slow cure you can achieve the results needed to  get back on the surface 24 hours later versus the multi day systems of other products.  As an added bonus, Vital Coat’s team of professionals will help provide the tools, materials and knowledge needed to help our contractors be properly trained, prepared and more efficient, effective and profitable. .

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