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Vital Coat products are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality products and standards to ensure long term durability and value.

Vital Coat Products

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Our V-200 Protective Sealer is a two-part acrylic-epoxy coating. Just combine, mix and apply. You will be providing Vital protection to your concrete in no time.

Why Vital Coat?

Vital Coat utilizes its proprietary PosiCoat ™ Technology in its V Series Coatings to provide for exceptionally good adhesion to many different substrates. Vital Coat V Series Coatings bonds quickly and is water resistant in less than one hour. They are environmentally friendly because of their low-to-zero VOCs content which is an advantage that allows for easy compliance with industry air quality regulations.

PosiCoat Advanced Bonding Technology

When you use Vital Coat products on your concrete, hard surfaces or roof, you receive:

Barrier Protection

Surfaces treated with our products are protected from chemicals, moisture, oxygen and other materials that cause damage.

Environmental Shielding

Our products protect against damage caused by harsh exposure to the environmental elements such as sun, rain and snow.

Mold and Mildew Resistance

Our products are resistant to the growth of mold and mildew in humid, low light areas.

Corrosion Inhibition

Our coatings are applied over hard surfaces and roofs to protect against corrosion and deterioration caused by chemicals such as oil, grease, salt, extreme weather conditions and other environmental elements.

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Extend the life of your roof up to 5 years with Shingle Shield Sealer.

Our environmentally friendly water-based solution quickly bonds to shingles to create a water-resistant coating. Once dry, the Shingle Shield Roof Sealer will add a beautiful coating to your shingles that helps protect against further granular degradation and can be easily cleaned with detergents and cleaners without harming the coating.

Topical Concrete Sealers

Vital Coat Topical Concrete Sealers are extremely durable with exceptionally good adhesion to many different substrates. They are easy to apply and produce a beautiful clear coating and are water resistant in less than one hour.

Penetrating Sealers

Vital Coat water repellent concrete sealers are designed to penetrate deep into the concrete surface and to chemically react within the pores forming a barrier that form a hydrophobic barrier that protects against moisture

Vital Coat- 200 Acrylic 1-Gallon Cross Linking Concrete Sealer


V-200 Protective Sealer

For use on Concrete, Brick, Natural Stone, Pavers & Clay


Steven T.

This product was among the best I have used. I applied roughly ten gallons with a standard garden pump sprayer and it went on with ease and consistency. I used it on a driveway and two walkways made of interlocking concrete pavers. It immediately brought back the depth of color and shine that had faded away over the years. There was no “white blotching” caused by excess product application that can be a problem with other products I have used in the past. I was able to walk on the newly applied surface within an hour.

Terri M.

I purchased the 5 Gallons bucket to cover 800 SF of a 5 yrs old concrete driveway. The 5 gallon bucket comes with 5 small bottles (about 7 oz each) of hardener, in case you want to mix smaller quantities. At 75 degrees, I applied it with roller (no need to clean tools) and it was easy. Foamy edges, uneven coverage, spills etc disappeared within minutes. Applied 2nd coat after 3 hours. The next day everything looks good – Not tacky or slippery.

Jonathan S.

I used this on my concrete driveway about 9 months ago. I was tired of the expense of pressure washing my drive every year. Not only is it expensive, but it causes the driveway to deteriorate a little each year. This time I used the V-100 series a few days after I pressure washed the drive. Wow! it’s really amazing. All my neighbors driveways need cleaning again and mine looks like I just pressure washed it.

Bethany H.

We had an excellent experience with this product. The sealant application did not require a professional as it was very easy to do ourselves. Our pool and patio pavers now look better than ever. I was able to walk on the newly applied surface within an hour. Best of all , clean up was a snap, everything flushed clean with warm soapy water and actual clean-up was minimal. Can’t say how long the results will last a it is only down about a week but given the overall ease i will certainly utilize this product again!
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