Shingle Shield


Vital Coat Shingle Shield Sealer will provide a durable coating over your old shingles providing extra life and protection.

Replacing your shingled roof is a large expense and often an expense that is not possible. Ignoring the issues with your shingles as they approach the end of its life can become even more costly. Over time, shingles tend to get mold and mildew growth that causes damage, endure harsh weather conditions, dry out, crack, curl, and experience damaging aggregate degradation. As a result, costly damage due to leaking can occur.

Vital Coat Shingle Shield Sealer is the Solution. Don’t Spend Thousands of Dollars Replacing your Shingles. Seal it with Vital Coat Shingle Shield and Extend the Life of Your Shingles up to 5 Years!

Vital Coat Shingle Shield Sealer is a durable Two Part Acrylic-Epoxy Coating. Shingle Shield is an Environmentally Friendly product that uses its proprietary PosiCoat Technology that produces an extreme bond between the cured finish and the substrate being sealed yielding a strong protective barrier to shield from exposure to the harsh weather conditions. Shingles treated with Shingle Shield are protected against extreme temperatures, mold, mildew, rain and snow.

Shingle Shield dries smooth and clear and will not yellow. It also produces a desirable sheen that can easily be cleaned with detergents and cleaners without harming the coating.

Shingle Shield works on all types of Shingles:

Benefits of Using Shingle Shield on your Roof.