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About Vital Coat

Vital Coat manufactures high performance sealers and coatings that address the environmental concerns relevant today by focusing on delivering environmentally responsible products that perform.

Welcome to Vital Coat Coatings and Protective Sealers!

Our unique, high performance resins are made without the use of harsh chemical solvents that are typically found in sealer products, thus making them safe for the environment. Our products are designed so that any consumer can use them, regardless of their knowledge about concrete, roofing or home improvements. Vital Coat’s goal is to help consumers save money on costly repairs by providing long-lasting protection to their concrete, brick, natural stone, roof and other hard surfaces!

Environmentally Friendly Vital Coat

Environmentally Conscience Products

Vital Coat focuses on providing environmentally friendly products. Water based sealers have very little to no VOC content limiting the exposure to harmful gasses to the installer as well as the environment. Vital Coat’s proprietary formulations ensure that whatever sealer you chose you are getting products that are safer to use and safer for the environment without losing the quality and performance.

Vital Coat is Easy to Use

Easy to Use. Designed for the “Do it Yourself-er”

Vital Coat prioritizes products that are easy to apply making it easy for the do it yourselfer to save money on installation. Vital Coat sealers go on smooth and easy and can be applied with a brush, roller or garden pump sprayer. Being water-based products, cleanup is a snap with soap and water.

Provide Professional Results and Performance

Provide Professional Results and Performance

Vital Coat utilizes its proprietary PosiCoat technology to provided the ultimate performance without using harsh solvents and without sacrificing the performance of the sealer. Rest assured that when using Vital Coat products, you will receive professional results and performance at a fraction of the price.

What Sets Us Apart?

Vital Coat utilizes its proprietary PosiCoat ™ Technology in its Shingle Shield and V Series Coatings to yield a coating that provides for exceptionally good adhesion to many different substrates. Vital Coat V Series Coatings bonds quickly and is water resistant in less than one hour. They are environmentally friendly because of their low-to-zero VOCs content which is an advantage that allows for easy compliance with industry air quality regulations

PosiCoat Advanced Bonding Technology
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