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One Day Garage Floors

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In Just 24 Hours YOU CAN transform your garage from unfinished to beautiful.

In Just 24 Hours YOU CAN transform your Garage from unfinished & dusty to beautiful & clean.

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your garage with our top-notch garage floor coatings. These coatings not only transform the look of your garage but also bolster its durability, thereby bumping up the value of your entire property, among other significant advantages. Particularly, these coatings aid the longevity of your garage floor, decreasing the need for often cumbersome and frequent repairs. By offering a protective layer, the floor can resist the damaging effects of corrosive substances commonly found in garages, such as oil and gasoline.

Moreover, our garage floor coatings also enhance the surface’s traction, reducing the risks of accidents like slips and falls that can lead to severe injuries. Whether you’re busy with DIY activities, repairing your car, or simply storing items, a safe and secure flooring surface is vital. Additionally, these coatings facilitate an easier cleaning process. Garage floors are prone to rapid dirt and debris accumulation. With our coatings, you can effortlessly maintain a clean, high-gloss surface that resists grime and withstands heavy usage.

In essence, our garage floor coating services offer a comprehensive solution to protect and maintain your garage floors, ensuring they continue to look brand-new for years to come.

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Vital Coat’S One Day Garage coatings with PosiCoat Technology are advanced, high performance, hybrid polyaspartic coatings for industrial and residential projects. This provides for a much better, stronger, and longer lasting floor over epoxy floors. A Vital Coat floor will add value to any home, deck, warehouse and more and will provide benefits that will last a lifetime. 

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Our polyaspartic systems provide:

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