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Epoxy or Polyurea? Which is Best?

Epoxy or Polyurea? Which is Best?

Epoxy or Polyurea? This question is asked all the time Which is better? The answer is not so straight forward. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages. When used correctly in accordance with the design, either will produce the desired end result and provide years of service to your project.

Epoxy coatings are thermosetting polymer that is formed by mixing a resin and hardener. It is commonly used for decorative coating concrete floors and surfaces for its many options in custom finishes making them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial applications. Epoxy coatings also are popular due to its durability, strength, and resistance to
chemicals, stains, and abrasions. Epoxy is not UV resistant and is limited in use when exposed to sunlight. 
In contrast, Polyurea, is an elastomer consisting of an isocyanate and resin formulation. It is typically known for its fast-curing time, and is primarily for use under broadcast flakes or quarts for a quick turnaround. Like Epoxy, Polyurea is highly resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and excellent UV resistant coating.  Polyurea is a better option for outdoor surfaces such as driveways, deck, and patios.  

So, which one is better? It depends on your project, where it will be used and the finial surface design desired.
Epoxy is a popular option that has been used for decades, while polyurea is a newer technology that offers some unique benefits 
Both epoxy and polyurea coatings can

provide the finish you desire. Consult with your coating professional to determine the right choice for your project.  

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