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NxT Products

By Vital Coat

Designed for both commercial and residential Applications


Projects that Start With NxT products Start Right!

Discover NxT Products by Vital Coat—Innovative Protection for Commercial and Residential Construction

Elevate your new construction projects with NxT products by Vital Coat, expertly designed for both commercial and residential applications. Experience impeccable protection against water damage and organic growth, thanks to our proactive protective coatings for concrete and wood surfaces—keeping your projects in prime condition throughout the construction process.

Stay Ahead with NxT’s Preventative Approach

Why wait for damage to happen? NxT products enable you to safeguard your construction projects from the get-go, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to water and organic damage. Benefit from proactive treatment and enjoy seamless, worry-free construction progress.

Optimal Protection for Concrete and Wood Substrates

Our cutting-edge protective coatings cater to both concrete and wood substrates, providing comprehensive protection tailored to the unique needs of your construction project. Trust in Vital Coat’s NxT products to shield your surfaces and maintain their integrity, no matter the material.

Embrace Peace of Mind with NxT Products by Vital Coat

Upgrade your construction projects with the game-changing protection of NxT products by Vital Coat. Experience formidable defense against water and organic damage now, and secure the longevity of your commercial and residential projects. Choose NxT, and invest in the future of construction.

NxT Products

By Vital Coat

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