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VC Pro Mender 91 Polyurea Crack Repair


Vital Coat VC-Pro Mender 91 – Crack Repair

Introducing Vital Coat VC-Pro Mender 91 – the ultimate Crack Repair solution crafted to cater to the needs of industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. This exceptional, eco-friendly product boasts a self-leveling, high-penetration, and fast-setting formula, ensuring seamless and efficient filling of cracked and damaged concrete.

Experience unparalleled adhesion and quick cure times with Mender 91’s low-viscosity composition, designed to expedite coating projects or serve as a standalone solution. The easy-to-mix, 1:1 ratio system is 98% solid and VOC-compliant, prioritizing both effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Unlock the full potential of VC-Pro Mender 91 as it effectively sets anchor bolts, repairs damaged control joints, fills spalling, and addresses horizontal cracks. Enhance its versatility by adding sand or gravel, extending the volume of the material for comprehensive repair of sizeable spalls, holes, and cracks. Trust Vital Coat to deliver the perfect balance between technical prowess and user-friendly practicality as you conquer your concrete repair projects.

Vital Coat Mender FC (Fast Cure) Kit: The Optimal Start to Any Project

In the realm of professional and DIY projects alike, achieving outstanding results begins with having the right tools at your disposal. The Mender FC Kit from Vital Coat stands out as an unparalleled solution for projects that require filling and smoothing out cracks and spalls. Its remarkable attributes of quick cure times, excellent adhesion, and low viscosity contribute to the fast completion of coating projects, even as a standalone product.

Detailed Description

The Vital Coat Mender FC Floor & Crack Repair is a two-component, swiftly setting polyurea, expertly designed for filling and repairing cracked and damaged concrete. It stands out for its quick cure time and remarkable adhesion. The low viscosity of this product enables the rapid process of coating projects. Dry silica sand can be added to the repair mix for filling deeper voids in the concrete, ensuring the creation of a consistently even and smooth surface. It is recommended to avoid application on concrete with high moisture content or visible water presence.

Key Advantages

  • Can be applied in variable temperatures, between 23°F to 100.4°F (-5°C to 38°C)
  • Cures swiftly in 4 minutes @ 71.6°F (22°C), ensuring excellent adhesion
  • Features self-leveling and self-priming properties
  • Ready for grinding within 5 to 10 minutes
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio by volume
  • Offers resistance to various chemicals
  • Perfect for industrial floor repairs, even in harsh conditions and heavy forklift traffic
  • Provides extreme adhesion

Application Areas

The versatile Mender FC Kit can be applied in various areas including, but not limited to:

  • Repairing cracks and filling spalls
  • Maintenance of facility floors
  • Repairing garage and industrial shop floors
  • Handling aircraft hanger floors
  • Usage in car washes or wash bays
  • Forming and rebuilding stairs and steps
  • Leveling and grade matching
  • Undertaking bridge/street repairs
  • Perfect for concrete polishing and other coating applications
  • Helps fill non-moving control joints
  • Ideal for vertical repairs

10 Gallon Kit includes:

  • 1 – Five Gal. Pail of Mender FC Part A
  • 1 – Five Gal. Pail of Mender Crosslinker Part B

4 Gallon Kit includes:

  • 2 – One Gal. Pail of Mender FC Part A
  • 2 – One Gal. Pail of Mender Crosslinker Part B

2 Gallon Kit includes:

  • 1 – One Gal. Pail of Mender FC Part A
  • 1 – One Gal. Pail of Mender Crosslinker Part B




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